Project description

The project is a chance for you to learn things that we don’t have time to discuss in class but are still key to the study of mathematical statistics. The main goal is for you to explore on your own, with the equipped language learned from this class.

The only rule is that each team can have at most TWO students.

The project will have two components:

  1. Written report: students are expected to write a 5-10 page report about the chosen subject, written in LaTeX or similar mathematical writing tools such as LyX.

  2. Presentation: 20-minute presentations will be delivered by the end of the semester. Students are expected to write their own powerpoint/beamer slides to discuss what they learn. The expectation is that it should be understandable by anyone who has taken the class.


Students can pick the topics in the book of Wasserman from chapter 17 - chapter 24 or choose one of the liking (with the approval of the instructor) if they see interesting ideas outside of class.


  • Topic discussion with instructor: Friday, March 15, 2024
  • First draft: Friday, April 19, 2024
  • Presentation: TBD

Project Guidelines

  • You may work alone or in team of two.
  • You need to discuss with me a proposal for your project. The proposal should include your group members names & IDs, a brief description of the content of your project (as clear and explicit as possible), how you plan to present it, and a suggested grading rubric.
  • You will need to deliver a 15 minutes presentation as well as a 5-page-minimum write up in 1.5 spacing).